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Chapter 770 From Now on, Xia Micheng Will Be Mine

  • Xia Micheng raised her bright, round eyes and goggled at Lu Yuzhen in surprise.
  • Lu Yuzhen continued, “My marriage with Li Yuntong was annulled, and Xia Micheng’s marriage with Lu Xinang has been cancelled too. The four of us are single now, and we’re free to marry whoever we like. That man was me, and this is our personal relationship—I have no further comments about it.”
  • As soon he finished, Lu Yuzhen wrapped his arm around Xia Micheng and left.
  • Dropping such a bombshell on the reporters all of a sudden, Lu Yuzhen and Xia Micheng were already about to leave when the media reporters finally came back to their senses. Noticing that they were about to leave soon, the reporters became excited instantly.
  • “Chairman Lu, please tell us more about your relationship. Have the both of you…”
  • Without waiting for the reporter to finish his sentence, Lu Yuzhen gave him a death stare. “I said that I will not comment any further on this. What else do you want to hear? Why can’t an unmarried man and woman sleep with each other for once? Do you want me to go into detail about how we did it? We don’t want any children at the moment, so Xia Micheng took a contraceptive pill. Everything is as simple as that—you guys don’t have to make any unnecessary assumptions based on your imagination and fantasies.”
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