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Chapter 1474 The Truth

  • When he was alive, he blocked all the hardships for her; when he was dead, he brought all the hardships away from her.
  • On the other hand, Liu Zhaodi was pushed into a deep abyss. Now that she found out that Lu Xinang was not her son, and with the Liu Family gone, she was left with nothing in an instant.
  • Everything that she had relied on, and everything she had wanted, disappeared like bubbles.
  • Lu Zhengzhe… was so cruel.
  • Liu Zhaodi suddenly mustered her energy and pushed the two bodyguards next to her. Then, she ran to Liu Yingluo and grabbed the DNA report away from her as she still didn’t believe that this was the truth. She had to look at them with her own eyes.
  • The two bodyguards wanted to step in, but Mr. Ye signaled them to stop.
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