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Chapter 505 Li Yuntong Is Upset

  • Sun Jin was enjoying car racing with some wealthy young masters when he heard the news, and everyone teased him in turn.
  • “Young Master Sun, have you heard that your father-in-law had taken your fiancée to University T today? Your fiancée wanted to attend University T.”
  • “It’s too bad that Vice Chancellor Zhou directly shut the gates of University T without even letting your in-laws and your fiancée in. They were denied entry straight away.”
  • “That fiancée of yours went to University A afterward. I heard that she had gotten into the university. University A is the worst among the medical universities, but she probably managed to get into it by the skin of her teeth. I had thought that she would inherit Mr. Xia’s mantle by brandishing her weapons.”
  • Sun Jin took off his helmet. What? That ugly duckling went to study at a medical university? University T didn’t even let her in, so she attends the worst university, University A instead?
  • Sun Jin felt that he had lost face because of Xia Micheng. How she wanted to embarrass herself was her own business, but he had to lose his dignity along with her because of her engagement to him.
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