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Chapter 1126 Lin Hurou Has Spectacularly Returned

  • After Concubine Mei miscarried her twins, everyone in the palace was angered and they were all determined to apprehend the culprit. All the Royal Guards of the palace ran over and surrounded the whole place heavily. Shanggguan Zhou bellowed, “I’m going to investigate this incident thoroughly. Before the culprit surfaces, none of you can leave this place!”
  • “Concubine Mei.” Concubine Hua grabbed her hand concerningly. “Can you try to remember carefully what you ate before your stomach ache?”
  • Concubine Mei had a thought about it. “I didn’t eat anything then. Oh, I remember it now. I had a sip of red wine. At that time, I went to congratulate Princess Lanlou and clinked my wine glass with hers.”
  • What? Princess Lanlou? Concubine Mei perfectly brought the topic to Xia Micheng. In a swipe, everyone turned their shocked and surprised attention toward Xia Micheng. Afterward, Shangguan Zhou’s face darkened as he gave out his orders immediately. “Where’s the royal doctor? Hurry up and check if there’s any problem with Concubine Mei and Princess Lanlou’s wine glasses that touched each other.”
  • “Yes, my King.” The royal doctor entered and picked up the shards of the wine glass shattered by Concubine Mei. He then placed it under his nose as he gave it a sniff. Soon after, the royal doctor’s expression changed drastically. “My King, there is some residue of an abortion medicine on the edge of the wine glass and it’s exactly the same as the one that caused Concubine Mei’s miscarriage.”
  • Oh my God. Everyone at the scene gasped. The royal doctor was undoubtedly pointing all the evidence toward Xia Micheng. It is her who killed the twins inside Concubine Mei.
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