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Chapter 636 Micheng Went to Find Lu Yuzhen

  • Xia Micheng’s crystal eyes stared blankly at the pale white ceiling on top of her as her mind wandered. After a few minutes, she lifted the blanket and left the bed to go out. She walked all her way out of the hospital and stopped a cab on the streets. The driver asked her, “Young lady, where are you heading to?”
  • “To the Grand Court Hotel.”
  • After Lan Feng finished her phone call, she came back to the room only to find the bed empty and Xia Micheng gone. Oh no! Micheng went to find Lu Yuzhen!
  • Xia Micheng arrived at the Grand Court hotel. The engagement party was held on a private lawn at the hotel. Those who were heading into the hotel were all influential figures. The party was protected with three layers of security and the guards were checking invitation cards in an orderly manner.
  • The sight of the magnificent engagement party finally drove home the idea that Lu Yuzhen would be engaged to Li Yuntong soon.
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