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Chapter 554 Biting His Finger

  • Lu Yuzhen tried to restrain Xia Micheng, but she struggled like a snake in his arms. Instead of teaching her a lesson, it seemed to be the other way round. His eyes reddened with lust. Seeing that she refused to open her mouth, he clenched her cheeks, which caused her face to bloat, and he threatened, “Open your mouth now!”
  • No! Xia Micheng glowered at him with her watery eyes.
  • Lu Yuzhen never closed his eyes to take in her vibrant and angry gaze. Rather than being imposing, she looked more like a stray cat now, which further ignited his desire to bully her. He rubbed her red lips forcefully with his thumb and said, “Why are you rejecting me? Did someone kiss you before? Was it Sun Jin or Wang Cong?”
  • Xia Micheng was furious. It had only been three months but he was no longer the Mr. Lu she remembered. How did he become so bad? She opened her mouth and bit his index finger.
  • “Ouch!” Lu Yuzhen groaned in pain. Her bite was so strong that his index finger was bleeding. His blood also started to race. If they went on with it, he would soon lose his self-control. His Adam’s apple bobbed and he said in a hoarse voice, “Get down from my lap and get out of my car!”
  • Xia Micheng quickly released his finger and crawled down from his lap. She then opened the car door and ran off at full speed.
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