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Chapter 1214 A Boat of Friendship

  • “Chairman Li, dreams are always beautiful, but reality is often harsh. Tonight, Lin Hurou invited her to have two gigolos each. Congratulations, you are now officially cuckolded.”
  • “According to my knowledge, Liu Yingluo cuckolded you for 20 plus years and it looks like it hasn’t stopped yet. I even heard that she once pointed a pair of scissors at you. Could it be that you’ve been incapable since then?” With that, Li Zhanming ended the call straight away.
  • Beep! Lu Zhengzhe immediately blacklisted Li Zhanming on his phone. Just like that, their boat of friendship sank.
  • At the driver’s seat, Song Ming heard the whole conversation. As for insane wife guardians, my Sir and Chairman Lu are really number one. Both their women are now outside seeking pleasure and they still can start a fight to protect their women. They really are... childish and adorable!
  • Meanwhile, Li Zhanming lifted his slim fingers and unfastened the top two buttons on his shirt. His face was so dark that it seemed to be oozing ink. God damn it, Lin Hurou. How dare you seek pleasure by finding gigolos! You are really rebelling against me today! Looks like the lesson I gave you last time isn’t severe enough!
  • In front, Song Ming already felt the murderous intent radiating from him. Miss Lin, you better start praying for yourself!
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