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Chapter 310 Say You Love Me

  • Gu Longfan and Ye Yuan had an unhappy episode when they parted ways last time during his birthday. He told Jin Hua to cancel all her showbiz work and even asked Ye Yuan to look for him once she had thought everything through. But, she didn’t come.
  • Not only Ye Yuan didn’t go looking for him, she even managed to come up with an idea of hosting a livestream show. However, her livestream only targeted a limited number and types of viewers. Since it wasn’t influential enough, Gu Longfan just sat and watched what she could possibly do once she left his protection.
  • She grew up under his protection. He had been taking care of her with love and tenderness. Like a perfect beautiful rose grew in a well-protected greenhouse, Ye Yuan had never experienced any hardship in her life before.
  • Gu Longfan was the one who helped build her career in the entertainment industry. He organized an outstanding team to protect her rights as a superstar. He also financially supported her with the most valuable resources available.
  • So, Gu Longfan thought that he was the one responsible for over-spoiling her to the point where she even dared to disobey him. If he didn’t teach her a lesson soon enough, she wouldn’t know how much she owed her success to him.
  • Therefore, Gu Longfan didn’t log onto the livestream channel. He wasn’t interested in knowing what happened in the channel because he knew that Ye Yuan wasn’t capable of doing anything impressive.
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