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Chapter 720 Look at the Both of Them Dance

  • Xia Micheng tried to loosen herself forcefully from Lu Yuzhen’s grip since he did not want to let her go. However, he was able to grab hold of her wrist with his fingers that were long and slender, making it nearly impossible for her to move.
  • Xia Micheng was really mad. What is Lu Yuzhen trying to do? Is he having fun doing this?
  • Xia Micheng took two steps forward before she fiercely kicked his muscular calf.
  • She had only kicked him once the first time round, but he did not even budge an inch at all.
  • She then tried kicking him twice, thrice…
  • Soon enough, several footprints appeared on his sharply tailored black suit pants; each and every mark came from Xia Micheng.
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