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Chapter 1444 She Is Jealous

  • Ex-wife... Those two words swiftly pierced through Liu Yingluo’s heart. Does he truly think of me... as his ex-wife now? Men are strange creatures. He cared so much about me in Beijing, but here he is with a new love interest in the blink of an eye while forgetting about me. I’d really like to ask him, Hey, are we divorced now? Have we procured our divorce certificate yet? Who gave you the right to address me as your ex-wife? Nevertheless, Liu Yingluo refrained herself from doing that. She thought her impulsiveness was out of the ordinary as she had always maintained a cold and detached personality to the point where she almost never felt emotions and feelings like this.
  • I had this feeling before and that was when... I learned that he slept with Liu Zhaodi and that he impregnated her with his child. That day, I learned that Zhen ran a temperature at Liu Zhaodi’s place, so I hid the knife and went searching for her. I almost hurt myself because I was furious about what happened to Zhen, but it’s mostly due to the fact that I saw her large, pregnant belly. Furthermore, the child she carried belonged to Lu Zhengzhe. At that moment, my heart ached beyond imagination. I was angry and hurt to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore. Su Cheng told me before that Lu Zhengzhe has never treated me well. I even reprimanded Su Cheng on this, explaining that Lu Zhengzhe has never treated me badly. It’s just that he treated me too well. I know better than anyone that Lu Zhengzhe has protected and loved me for the majority of his life. Under the pear tree that year, he personally put on me the cat ears that he bought abroad. He wanted to kiss me and he told me that he would treat me well. He even said that he will be good to me in the future. Lu Zhengzhe has been fulfilling his promise throughout his life. He was too good to me, which is why he kept me locked up in our marriage room. To be fair, it’s his way of protecting me, so that I wouldn’t worry about anything else. He didn’t want me to move from one place to another and also didn’t want me to feel helpless. He has treasured me all my life. I’ve been under his meticulous care all along. In fact, apart from serving my duty as his wife and giving birth to his children, I’ve lived an almost picture-perfect life. I even spent my time doing what I like, which is designing jewelry. I’ve never suffered nor have I experienced hardships. Therefore, after he had a child with Liu Zhaodi, he no longer paid any attention to me, which was the reason why I became sad. I admit that I’ve felt jealous in the past. I was green with envy and it affected me. Now that I see Lu Zhengzhe together with Li Yu, that horrible feeling is returning once again.
  • Liu Yingluo felt that her heart was breaking apart, so she stood up abruptly to walk to the bathroom in a hurry.
  • ...
  • In the bathroom, Liu Yingluo stood in front of the basin and splashed cold water against her face. At the same time, two women were nearby, chatting away. “Did you see that handsome sir bringing a pretty young woman to have coffee?”
  • Liu Yingluo paused in her actions because she had a feeling that the handsome sir they referred to was Lu Zhengzhe. He was in his 50’s this year, but he was blessed with prominent facial features. Men in this age range never usually appeared old. On the contrary, they seemed steady and charming as they were armed with wealth and power. They were always at the center of attention, no matter where they went; this was especially true among certain young, pretty women who favored men like Lu Zhengzhe. As long as Lu Zhengzhe was agreeable to it, he would have all the women he wanted.
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