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Chapter 673 Stepped on a Landmine

  • Old Master Ye once vowed to never let Xia Micheng through the doors of the Academy of Sciences. But today, she had walked in openly right in front of him.
  • At this very moment, Old Master Ye felt that Xia Micheng was really teaching him a lesson—never be too confident with one’s own words!
  • His eyes gazed upon Xia Micheng as he asked, “You’re the one that Qiu Yuan sent? What relationship do you have with Qiu Yuan? He’s the headmaster of University T and you’re a student of University A!”
  • Everyone else’s jaws dropped at the scene playing out in front of them. They all knew about Xia Micheng as her popularity was on the rise recently since she became Lu Xinang’s fiancée. She was every girl’s nightmare!
  • “Why is Xia Micheng here?”
  • “I thought X would be the one coming, not Xia Micheng.”
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