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Chapter 1545 An Ambush

  • Lu Yuzhen had arrived in the apartment.
  • Madam Guardian called him just now, saying that Xia Micheng was here, and she was feeling unwell. As soon as Lu Yuzhen heard that, he rushed over immediately. Lu Yuzhen walked into the living room and saw Madam Guardian immediately.
  • She had gotten down from the bed and was waiting for him. “Yuzhen, you’re here.”
  • “Madam, where’s Cheng? What happened to her?”
  • “She was fine just now when she arrived, but she suddenly fainted.” A worried look was etched on Madam Guardian’s face. “Yuzhen, she’s just in the room. Why don’t you take a look at her?”
  • “Alright, sure.”
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