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Chapter 1448 Stop Tempting Me

  • Liu Yingluo, who was sitting at the back, felt uncomfortable and was reluctant to enter the car because she was afraid of seeing them flirt. Now, she was witnessing something that she least wanted to see. Lu Zhengzhe was a devilish man and the corners of his eyes crinkled when he smiled. These fine lines did not make him old; on the contrary, it provided him with an undeniable masculine charm, especially when he now had a flirtatious expression.
  • On the other hand, Li Yu’s face was flushed red as she grabbed his thighs. Unlike Liu Yingluo, Li Yu knew how to flirt with him. Previously, whenever Lu Zhengzhe teased and flirted with me, I’d run away as if my life depended on it. I did not flirt or lead him on like what Li Yu is doing nor was I amorous with him. What the two women said in the bathroom is true. Men like women who behave like that, and now, Lu Zhengzhe is no longer in love with me. Liu Yingluo felt that her heart shattered into pieces, so she looked out of the window and tried to take deep breaths to catch her breath.
  • Lu Zhengzhe chuckled in the driver seat, but his smile did not meet his eyes. He looked up at the rearview mirror while he drove. Liu Yingluo calmly sat behind, as though she was unperturbed by what transpired between him and Li Yu. In fact, she barely cast a glance at him.
  • Xia Micheng told me a story and I understood what she was implying. However, I just can’t leave it at that. Liu Yingluo told me countless times that she has never been in love with me, ever. However, I still want to give it a try. I figure I still have some time left before my life comes to an end. I’d like to check if she is in love with me—even if it’s just a bit.
  • Lu Zhengzhe then looked away.
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