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Chapter 830 From Now on, I’ll Be Your Whole World!

  • Xia Micheng bit her red lips and simply took something to throw it at the door.
  • That item hit the door with a thump, and Xia Micheng’s embarrassed and resentful voice rang out, “Get lost!”
  • Lu Yuzhen let go of the knob and lazily leaned his back against the wall beside the door. Then, he raised his hand to loosen the necktie on his neck.
  • Now, the necktie hung loosely on his neck. He put one of his hands in his pocket, acting like a bad boy. He completely portrayed a vivid image of the term ‘decent scum’.
  • A low chuckle came out of his throat.
  • In the bathroom, Xia Micheng was still standing in front of the sink, so naturally, she heard his chuckles. Her lips couldn’t help but lift and shimmering ripples appeared in her bright eyes.
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