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Chapter 1657 She Cut Herself

  • Chen Yuanyuan’s face felt so painful that it was already numb.
  • Gu Longfan had directly given her a slap.
  • Chen Yuanyuan was dumbfounded as she covered her swollen face and looked at the man before her. Gu Longfan stood there in a condescending manner and stared at her with his impassive gaze. Like a satan from hell, he was gloomy and horrifying.
  • In recent years, Gu Longfan was associated with nice words like ‘handsome’, ‘gentle’, ‘elegant’, etc… However, he was a ruthless and merciless man through and through. He had never laid a hand on any woman before, but it didn’t mean he wouldn’t do it.
  • After he slapped Chen Yuanyuan to the ground, there wasn’t a tinge of emotion on his face. As though he never did it before, he retracted his gaze and looked at Ye Yuan. “Does it hurt?”
  • Ye Yuan gazed at him and nodded. “It hurts.”
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