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Chapter 287 Micheng, I Will Get Better

  • Xia Micheng got out of bed and gently wrapped her arms around his muscular waist from behind.
  • The moment the delicate girl embraced him from behind, Lu Yuzhen's well-built body instantly froze before he quickly turned around. “Why did you get out of your bed? I haven't finished sweeping the glass fragments on the floor yet. Quick, go back to your bed. I don't want your feet to be pierced by those fragments.”
  • Xia Micheng was still hugging him, refusing to let go. Her pale face was upturned as she stared at his charming face. “Mr. Lu, let's not quarrel anymore from now on, alright?”
  • Lu Yuzhen had a look in his eyes that showed his complicated emotions. He caressed her small face as he said with a hoarse voice, “I'm sorry, Mrs. Lu. Did I say a lot of hurtful things just now?”
  • “You did. You said that you're not short of women, and you have women who are much prettier and more amazing than I am. If I don't obey you, you'll abandon me. You were still insisting that I'm together with Lu Xinang. I told you that I did not cheat on you, yet you still insisted that I did. You even said that you want me to find a better man and that you want to have a divorce… Mmh!”
  • Lu Yuzhen leaned over and covered her small mouth with his own lips to stop her from speaking.
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