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Chapter 1477 Reincarnation

  • Mr. Ye had been waiting for her from a distance. However, after waiting for a long time, he didn’t see Liu Yingluo bring Lu Zhengzhe back.
  • He had a foreboding premonition that was getting stronger as time passed by. He felt that Liu Yingluo was much calmer than he had expected. She did not cry, nor did she break down. The vibe she exuded made him feel very surreal; it was as if she might disappear into thin air at any time.
  • Oh, no! Something’s up!” Mr. Ye exclaimed in a low voice before running to them with his fastest speed.
  • When he reached them, he slowed down and froze. Not far from him, Lu Zhengzhe was still sitting on the wheelchair, looking like he was fast asleep. Liu Yingluo’s eyes were closed as she rested her head on his lap, but she… was not breathing anymore.
  • She had left with Lu Zhengzhe. The former was gone only slightly later than the latter.
  • Strange enough, there were no injuries on Liu Yingluo’s body. She had died a natural death.
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