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Chapter 1125 Miscarriage

  • W-Who is it? Concubine Mei turned around quickly. Then, she saw her trusted maid, Lan, who walked over to her and toppled the bowl over. “Lan, what are you doing?”
  • Lan quickly pulled Concubine Mei aside. “Concubine Mei, you must not drink this medicine! You are now expecting twins, so you are extremely precious. As soon as you deliver the babies smoothly, you will be in high status because of them and your position will definitely surpass that of Concubine Hua!”
  • Concubine Mei was shocked when she heard that and she looked at Lan in confusion. “Lan, how did you know about this? I have never told you this!”
  • “Concubine Mei, I overheard the conversation between Concubine Hua and her maid. Concubine Hua said that you are just one of her pawns in her hand and the fact that she could tolerate you until now was because of the baby in your belly. It was of the highest value. If you are not pregnant anymore, your value will be gone and Concubine Hua will order assassins to kill you. After all, only the dead wouldn’t reveal anything to the rest.”
  • What? Concubine Mei was shocked and scared when she heard that. “Lan, did you hear correctly? Concubine Hua really said that?”
  • Lan nodded vehemently. “Concubine Mei, every word that I said is true. I heard that with my own ears just now! Thinking about it—now that the King is prioritizing the twins in your belly now, if you can deliver them successfully, they would definitely be a threat to Concubine Hua! With the positions of Prince Kai and Princess Ruofu, how could Concubine Hua tolerate you?”
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