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Chapter 1010 Open Your Legs to Show Me

  • What did he just say?
  • Xia Micheng glared at him with her clear eyes furiously. “Lu Yuzhen, how dare you! If you touch Yuan, I will never forgive you!”
  • Lu Yuzhen merely narrowed his cold and profound eyes. Her threat was of no use to him, as it was completely powerless. However, the way she looked right now resembled an angry kitty.
  • Lu Yuzhen tugged on the buttons on her black dress. Perhaps because he became more anxious as he tried to do it, he couldn’t even undo one button. When his patience was used up, he pulled open the button roughly.
  • The button gave way to his force, making Xia Micheng feel a cold breeze on her skin. She let out a loud exclaim and extended her slim hands to cover her chest.
  • Lu Yuzhen looked at her beautiful neck that resembled a swan’s; it was empty, without anything on it.
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