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Chapter 991 Little Kai’s Stubborn Manner Resembles Her

  • Lu Yuzhen remained silent.
  • Lu Chikai: ‘Daddy, why did you lose your temper with Great-Grandma today? I heard you smashing something again. Is it because of my mommy that you’re so angry every time?’
  • Lu Yuzhen was already upset, but now his face darkened even more. She is not his mommy. She never wanted a child with me. Then, he reached out to throw the cake straight into the trash can as he pressed his lips emotionlessly. “Stop eating it. We are having a meal later.”
  • Ah, the cake! Lu Chikai quickly got down from the chair and ran toward the trash can to look for his cake. However, a big hand grabbed his collar before Lu Yuzhen gently lifted him up. “Lu Chikai, you are not allowed to eat cakes ever again. Do you hear me?”
  • After being carried away, Lu Chikai shot a look at the cake in the trash can before glancing at Lu Yuzhen with a stubborn face. No. I want to eat my cake!
  • Lu Yuzhen also became mad at him, so he gave his son’s bottom a slap. “Lu Chikai, are you being disobedient now?”
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