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Chapter 1163 Bright Yellow Bikini

  • Shangguan Ruofu had nothing else to say, so she only nodded her head awkwardly. “Yes.”
  • Ye Yuan quickly dragged Xia Micheng away. She then pointed at the exquisite bikinis on the rack in the room. “Come, just select one.”
  • Xia Micheng grew up in an environment that was different from Ye Yuan, so the latter was a bit more conservative. She almost never wore bikinis, save for when Ye Yuan dragged her to the spa in bikinis. Therefore, she became dizzy just by looking at the bikinis in front of her.
  • Xia Micheng lifted her eyes to glance at Ye Yuan. Not only is Ye Yuan’s sudden appearance on the private yacht odd, she is also so close to me. Does... she know that I’m the real Xia Micheng? But, how does she know? Who told her?
  • Then, Ye Yuan raised her watery eyes to look at Xia Micheng as if they were connected telepathically. “It’s surprising to see that brat, Chikai, already this big. I’ve really not wasted my love for him as he still remembers his godmother.”
  • Chikai? Could it be Chikai who informed her? Looks like Chikai has already recognized me that night in the villa. Xia Micheng felt a warm feeling in her heart. He is my son after all!
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