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Chapter 656 Even Lu Xinang Has Come!

  • Before Madam Li and Xia Gu could speak, someone said in an indifferent voice, “Young Master Xu, I’m afraid Micheng can’t marry you, so please stop bothering her, because she’s my fiancée!”
  • Everyone lifted their heads and gasped. Lu Xinang was here!
  • Three out of four most distinguished families in Beijing, Li, Lu and Xu had come to Xia Gu’s birthday party. Even Lu Xinang had come!
  • Lu Xinang had just come from the airport. Donning a white sweater with a black coat on top, he looked handsome and charming.
  • The second young master of the Lu Family shot to fame in Beijing when he was young, and he had always been the only young master that these young heiresses had their eyes on. However, he was not interested in any of those women because he was a very picky man. So what was he doing here?
  • These young heiresses were talking among themselves.
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