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Chapter 969 Not Lu Yuzhen!

  • The man walked out of the shower and entered the room. Soon, a sexy figure reached out to him and clung to him like a snake as she flirtatiously said, “Let me serve you well tonight.” Both of them then kissed and hugged together as they rolled on the bed.
  • Everyone present took a sharp breath. This is not an introductory video at all! It’s obviously porn and it’s definitely not suitable for kids.
  • Li Yuntong’s expression changed drastically as she stiffened. What’s going on? Why is the video different than expected? The most important point is… who is that man? Who the hell is that? She was aware that this video featured the only time she slept with Lu Yuzhen. The woman in the video was definitely her, but the man wasn’t Lu Yuzhen! How is this even possible? She suddenly realized something and incredulously shook her head with both her hands and feet turning cold.
  • At this point, everyone whispered among themselves.
  • “What is going on? Where is the introductory video? Is this some kind of door gift for us?”
  • “The woman in this sex tape is the First Princess, right? It is quite unexpected that she looks graceful and gentle on the surface, but once the door is shut, she is rather slutty. I mean, look at her expectant face! You would have thought that she has not seen any men before.”
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