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Chapter 1423 The Princess and the Knight

  • Xia Micheng walked to Lu Zhengzhe’s side with her arms at her back. “Uncle Lu, have you heard about the story of the princess and the knight?”
  • “Are you sure that you want to tell me a fairytale story?” Lu Zhengzhe frowned and was about to leave as he didn’t want to listen to her nonsense.
  • “Uncle Lu, don’t you think that Aunty Yingluo is like fine sand in your hands? The tighter you clench your fist and try to hold her, the faster she slips from your grip,” Xia Micheng spoke with a confident smile.
  • He paused and looked toward her. She smiled as her bright eyes glimmered with the shine of wisdom. “Uncle Lu, do you know how to grasp onto the fine sand in your hand?” She reached out with her small hand and slowly spread her palm as she spoke, “It’s actually very simple. Just let go.” Xia Micheng subconsciously grasped a handful of fine sand, which was now in the middle of her palm and never slipped from her grasp.
  • Lu Zhengzhe was startled. Something flashed past his narrow eyes and he left after a minute. He left. Mr. Ye sighed in great relief and quickly caught up with Lu Zhengzhe.
  • ...
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