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Chapter 568 Have I Said Yes?

  • Lu Yuzhen was an ordinary mature man. Now that both of them began to level with each other, there was no need for them to play dumb or hide their feelings. Therefore, Lu Yuzhen wrapped his arms around her slim waist and stared at her while he said, “You’re right, but so what? I’d make it worth your while even if it were just three days.”
  • Xi Micheng was clearly aware that he was always kind and generous toward women.
  • Xia Micheng curled her red lips and said, “But…”
  • “But what?” Lu Yuzhen, who thought she agreed to his deal, asked.
  • “But I may have classes at night, so I can’t promise to return home by eight every evening,” Xia Micheng tilted her head and answered.
  • While the two of them were just inches apart, Lu Yuzhen soon caught a fragrant scent she gave off that would obsess him with just a single sniff.
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