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Chapter 456 He Swallowed a Bottle of Sleeping Pills

  • Only after hearing that Ye Yuan had returned to Drunken Joy Villa did Xia Micheng feel the weight on her chest disappear. However, she was still alert. “You must have done your research, seeing how you know so much about me. Is the person you have to answer to… Lu Zhengzhe?”
  • Song Ming had a good impression of Xia Micheng. He liked corresponding with intelligent people because there was never any nonsense involved. “Yes. Get in the car, Miss Xia. Sir Lu is waiting for you.”
  • Xia Micheng looked at him from the top of the steps with a smug look; her bright eyes showed indifference. “I apologize. It’s my boarding time now. Tell Sir Lu that Lu Yuzhen and I are divorced, so there is no need to meet me anymore. Also, don’t ever touch my friend again. This will be the first and also last time!” she said before turning around to leave.
  • Song Ming had started to see her in a different light. Even after finding out that Lu Zhengzhe was her superior, she not only refused to go, but she also warned him. It’s no wonder Young Master Lu and Madam Lu are fond of this girl; she’s definitely different.
  • Song Ming looked at Xia Micheng’s slender silhouette, and his lips curved into a smile. “Miss Xia, Young Master Lu is currently in the hospital. Are you sure you don’t want to go see him?”
  • What? She stopped in her tracks and turned around immediately to look at Song Ming. “What happened to Lu Yuzhen?”
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