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Chapter 846 Sending Her Embarrassing Messages in Public

  • Lu Yuzheng took out his phone and texted her while he stood upstairs.
  • Ding! Xia Micheng instantly received the message. She opened her phone and saw the message sent by him, stating, ‘Come upstairs to my room.’
  • Her little face flushed red. She had never thought that he would send her a suggestive and embarrassing message. What does he mean by going upstairs? Or go to his room? What is he planning to do? He might be shameless, but she still cared for her reputation. Sitting beside Grandma, Xia Micheng’s eyes darted everywhere like a child who did something wrong.
  • Lu Yuzhen watched her the whole time. Seeing that she kept away her phone in panic, her shy and nervous reaction amused him and made his thin lips curl up. He had not done anything yet, but he suspected that she was deliberately seducing him, though he did not have any evidence. He sent her another message, ‘I’ll be waiting for you in my room.’
  • Xia Micheng, who was downstairs, received this message. Upon reading it, the color on her face spread rapidly to her little earlobe that was as white as snow before she felt that her body was on fire. Her anxious reaction made Lu Yuzhen feel an itch in his heart, arousing his desire to bully her now. Fearing that he would not be able to control himself if he continued watching for her reaction, he returned to his room.
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