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Chapter 1408 Stay the Night

  • He asked her to open her mouth so that he could feed her. Liu Yingluo blushed in the shade of maroon. There are so many people in the dining area and I’m not that young. Xia Micheng is observing me in anticipation with her bright and watchful eyes, making me feel so embarrassed. “I don’t want to eat,” she rejected.
  • Lu Zhengzhe was very patient with her. His deep voice was gentle and tender while coaxing her, “Please be good and have some...”
  • Xia Micheng was rendered speechless when she saw that. She suddenly felt satiated upon seeing such public displays of affection, especially when it was unexpected. All this while, she thought that Lu Zhengzhe was the most classic overbearing and domineering chairman in his earlier days. She did not expect him to remain the same despite being a middle-aged man—in fact, he still flaunted his affections unreservedly.
  • Liu Yingluo was caught between a rock and a hard place, so she had no choice but to eat the white rice he fed her. “I’ll have it myself.”
  • He was determined to feed her to the end. He took a bowl of crucian carp soup before choosing a piece of flesh from the stomach of the fish and picking the bones out. After that, he tried to feed her. “Open your mouth.”
  • Liu Yingluo was dumbfounded while she stared at Lu Zhengzhe in puzzlement. What’s up with him? When we were young, he did put me on his lap while trapping me in his arms when he fed me. However, he is acting weird right now.
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