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Chapter 28 Catch Someone in the Act

  • She could only become stronger and more independent by building a fortress around her heart.
  • Keeping the phone in her bag, Xia Micheng did not reply to the WeChat message but instead, headed straight to the house in the countryside.
  • ……
  • Lu Yuzhen’s flight reached Haicheng City. After getting off the plane and meeting Gu Longfan and Huo Zhixun at the airport, they boarded a luxurious limousine together.
  • Looking at his phone, Lu Yuzhen’s sharp eyebrows furrowed; he still did not receive a reply for his text message to Xia Micheng.
  • Sitting in the front passenger seat, Huo Zhixun laughed. “Bro, why have you returned two days earlier? You even took an overnight flight. Also, why do you keep looking at your phone from the moment you get off the phone? Are you talking with some beautiful woman?”
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