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Chapter 143 Carry Her Home

  • Everyone was dumbfounded. They stared at Xia Micheng as if they were looking at a lunatic. Then, they glanced at Lu Yuzhen, the ‘handy and excellent tool’ responsible for serving Xia Micheng in bed.
  • Lu Yuzhen put one of his hands in his pocket and stood outside the door. He was upset enough when he saw the drunk Xia Micheng. Now, he was frowning and pursing his lips in distress.
  • The socialites in Haicheng City almost exploded in anger. How could Xia Micheng insult Chairman Lu like that? You little monster, you should let go of Chairman Lu since you are already married. You should leave him to us!
  • The socialites struggled to hold back their urges to hit Xia Micheng. Very well, she finally showed her true colors. Now, they just needed to work harder and extract more information out of her. “Xia Micheng, if we are not mistaken, you are married, right? Does that mean you are cheating on your husband with Chairman Lu now? Have you ever thought about getting a divorce and marrying Chairman Lu instead?”
  • Xia Micheng felt her head was spinning like crazy that she almost could not hear the girls clearly. She murmured, “Isn’t this exciting? It depends on my mood, whether I want Chairman Lu… to become my official husband from his current status as my boy toy!”
  • “…”
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