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Chapter 1756 Humiliation

  • Chairman Shi was stuffed with the gift boxes, and one of them even dropped before he could grab it.
  • Chairman Shi blushed as he felt humiliated. Gu Longfan has blatantly insulted him while he was the actual victim!
  • At this time, the personal assistant moved a chair on which Gu Longfan sat down. As he tossed the black leather gloves to his personal assistant, his lips curled up sarcastically. “Chairman Shi, don’t be embarrassed. Just keep all the gifts because, after all, I was the one who emasculated you. Don’t worry, I will find you a cure. You can pass your medical bills to my personal assistant later, and I will reimburse you.”
  • Gu Longfan was generous.
  • Chairman Shi was almost blinded by rage. He looked at Gu Longfan whose handsome face was not showing the slightest guilt but was instead looking at him in amusement. His expression was wild and wicked as if he was born with it.
  • Feeling like he was the worst victim of the century, Chairman Shi tossed all the tonics onto the ground. “Gu Longfan, don’t you play any tricks with me. This matter will not be over until I tell the world what has happened. If you are smart, apologize to me, and I will consider sparing you!”
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