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Chapter 1326 Ominous Premonition

  • “Young Master, please recall something.”
  • Lu Yuzhen closed his eyes then shook his head. “I can’t remember anything, but this place seems familiar. It feels like I once spent some time there.”
  • Actually, this photo was of the countryside where Xia Micheng grew up. However, it was quite a distance from there and it wasn’t the same place. Four years ago, when Lu Yuzhen was critically ill, she had brought him back there before.
  • Unfortunately, Lu Yuzhen was brought there by Xia Micheng and taken away by Lu Zhengzhe while he was unconscious.
  • That place held his sweetest old memories of him and Xia Micheng.
  • Chong Wen said, “Young Master, this place is also in Haicheng City. Speaking of which, Haicheng city is where you met that girl as well as Miss Xia. It’s the place where everything began.”
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