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Chapter 296 Not You, Xia Keke!

  • Li Qianhui had wanted to get a rise out of Xia Micheng, but Xia Micheng was being too calm; she was so calm that it seemed that she was hiding something beneath her exterior.
  • Right then, a worker called out, “Mr. Xia, Madam Xia, please come this way.”
  • Li Qianhui lowered her voice to warn her, “Micheng, you best not run your mouth during the interview later. Of course, since we invited you, we aren’t worried even if you do talk nonsense. You’ll be the one to be embarrassed after all.”
  • Li Qianhui smugly stepped in front of the camera. Xia Chunyang and Xia Keke were also sitting on the sofas placed there, and so the three of them began the interview. On this day, they were being interviewed about how this medical prodigy came to be.
  • Xia Micheng watched from the side as Xia Chunyang and Li Qianhui excitedly and proudly described Xia Keke’s life as she was growing up. The host kept showering praise onto Xia Keke, making her smile beautifully like a flower.
  • Right at that moment, the host said, “Alright, next up, let us invite Keke’s younger sister Xia Micheng to come join us.”
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