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Chapter 211 Xia Keke Is Lusting After My Body

  • Huo Qing hit the wall with a loud thump before falling to the carpet. Tasting blood in her throat, she immediately spurted a mouthful of it.
  • That fling of Gu Longfan’s hand just now had nearly claimed her life!
  • “Longfan… It’s me…” Huo Qing looked up at Gu Longfan.
  • He stood upright in front of the window ledge while looking down at Huo Qing, who looked miserable as she lay face down on the floor in pain. He knew the way Ye Yuan’s body felt to the touch better than anyone else; her body was soft with an alluring body scent, none of which Huo Qing was comparable to.
  • He should’ve realized it the instant he hugged Huo Qing, but his mind was clouded by his thirst. Besides, he had given the keycard to Ye Yuan himself, so he never expected somebody else to enter.
  • He couldn’t resist the urge to clean his body by thoroughly washing himself a few more times when he recalled that he had held somebody else in his arms for a few seconds.
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