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Chapter 1718 He Had Already Seen It

  • Gu Longfan was not talking nonsense because society itself was realistic. In a way, a relationship between two genders was essentially just a transaction deal. However, his tone was really harsh. Gu Longfan sounded just as cruel as his mother was. He was cold to the bones.
  • Ye Yuan’s face flushed from embarrassment. Gu Longfan probably scared her. Ye Yuan’s teary eyes reddened as she tightened her grip on the flower and bit her lip. “I don’t… Longfan, you don’t have to fetch me home anymore. Just stop, I want to get out!”
  • This was Ye Yuan’s first time seeing Gu Longfan behaving like this. The big brother that always protected her and loved her made her feel humiliated and scared. She just wanted to get out of his car.
  • Gu Longfan parked his car by the side of the road.
  • However, he suddenly reached out to grab Ye Yuan by her slender wrist when she wanted to open the front seat’s door. “Are you angry at me?”
  • Ye Yuan lowered her head. She looked pitiful. “I’m not… I learned about this blue preserved flower at the florist and knitted this myself because I wanted to give you something… Although many people tried to give me presents, I did not accept them. I also didn’t do those things that you were talking about…”
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