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Chapter 1433 Shen Xiaolian’s Age

  • “I remember someone from the city had picked Xiaolian that year and allowed her to stay in the city for many days.”
  • Xia Micheng curved her red lips as she guessed that Aunt Feifei was that kind person from the city. Aunt Feifei had funded children from the countryside for a long time and it wasn’t any secret. Shen Xiaolian was probably one of the children who managed to gain Aunt Feifei’s affection due to her obedience and intelligence. It was probably during Aunt Feifei’s birthday that she brought Shen Xiaolian to Beijing and to the Lu Residence, where everything started.
  • “After that?” Xia Micheng continued asking.
  • “Xiaolian grew up and came to the city by herself. She seldom contacted us and wouldn’t say much even when we called her, but she would frequently send some money to us.”
  • Xia Micheng listened attentively. “Is that so? Did you realize anything abnormal about her back then? Like, did she behave in a completely different manner?”
  • About this… Mr. and Mrs. Shen looked at each other as they remembered the way Shen Xiaolian looked earlier, which creeped them out. “That...” They hesitated.
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