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Chapter 1293 Lu Yuzhen’s Identity Can’t Be Kept as a Secret Anymore

  • All the eyes of the rich and noble ladies were reddened. Even though it wasn’t their wedding, they all cried like a baby.
  • “Marry him! Marry him! Marry him!” someone started to chant before everyone echoed while clapping their hands.
  • The moonlight tonight was beautiful. Xia Micheng quirked up her red lip in tears as she slowly handed him her tiny hands. “Mr. Lu, from now on, no matter the dangers or vicious acts of other people, I will always be happy by your side even if I die.”
  • She agreed. This is her promise to me. Lu Yuzhen gradually put the ring onto her ring finger.
  • However, Lin Hurou’s voice was suddenly heard at this moment. “Yingluo! Yingluo!”
  • Lu Yuzhen paused his movement as Xia Micheng quickly turned her head around. Liu Yingluo was still with Lin Hurou earlier, but she was now gone.
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