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Chapter 607 Xia Micheng Is Xu Shaonan's Woman?

  • Ye Youxuan looked at Xia Micheng in an arrogant manner, as if she was nothing more than an ant beside her feet. “So, you are Xia Micheng. I heard that you have caused quite a stir after you arrived in Beijing. I thought you have some kind of amazing abilities. Now that I have taken a good look at you, you are nothing but a vixen!”
  • “Ye Youxuan, how can you scold a person like that?” Fan Qi and the rest of them were pissed off.
  • Xia Micheng quickly stopped them. Then, she looked at Ye Youxuan indifferently with a smile. “It’s my ability to look like a vixen. Miss Ye, I will take that as a compliment.”
  • Ye Youxuan’s gaze turned cold. “I see that you are quite witty. Did you use that mouth of yours to deceive Lu Xinang and seduce him? Didn’t anybody tell you that Lu Xinang belongs to me, and that nobody can snatch him from me?!”
  • “Miss Ye, Lu Xinang does not belong to me, or you either. He is his own person.”
  • “You! Xia Micheng, I am going to give you one more chance! You better pack your things immediately and leave Beijing at once!” Ye Youxuan said ferociously.
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