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Chapter 657 The Support of the Three Families

  • Xu Shaonan put on an anguish expression.
  • Madam Li didn’t want Xia Micheng to get together with Xu Shaonan, because it was apparent to her that they came from different worlds. She was pretty familiar with the two sons of the Lu Family. Lu Xinang was like a lotus that grew on the mud; he was pure and noble.
  • Lu Xinang was restrained in his private life and had never had any girlfriend. It was clear to Madam Li that Lu Xinang really liked Xia Micheng and that his care and love for Xia Micheng was genuine. Like a grandmother who was choosing a future husband for her granddaughter, Madam Li sized Lu Xinang up and nodded with satisfaction.
  • Xia Gu and Lan Feng were satisfied with Lu Xinang as well. Among the young heirs in Beijing, Lu Xinang was one of the most talented and handsome. He was indeed a good match for Xia Micheng.
  • The jade ring had always been worn on the finger of Lin Hurou. That was why Xia Gu and Lan Feng immediately recognized it. Lin Hurou once said that Xia Micheng had been engaged, but it had never crossed their minds that the man Xia Micheng had been engaged with was Lu Xinang.
  • Lu Xinang was the youngest fellow and also one of the most capable physicians in Beijing. Meanwhile, Xia Micheng was also a physician who had mastered traditional medicine. The two of them fitted each other perfectly.
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