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Chapter 466 She Lost Again

  • Xia Micheng told the Aunties to call her by her name, Micheng, but she did not know why they would always call her ‘Miss Xia’. Addressing him as ‘Young Master’ sounded strange too.
  • Xia Micheng's fair and tender skin showed a layer of rose-red that was so enticing. She turned around, held out her light-toned finger, and boldly held on to his gorgeous-looking and robust jaw. "You are… Mr. Lu. Here I am, a wealthy woman that owns many pieces of land. Mr. Lu, why don't you stay and be my husband? Let me provide for you."
  • In Lu Yuzhen's life, the word "sugar baby" never existed. He stared down at her and exhaled his breath into her. "Do you want to keep me as a toyboy? You just want me for your sexual satisfaction, do you?"
  • Xia Micheng refrained from showing her awkward timidity but looked at him in a provoking manner instead. "That's a lie. How can you say that? I just… want you!"
  • Lu Yuzhen closed his eyes and jumped right onto her attractive red lips.
  • Xia Micheng was startled and let out a sigh. She quickly took a strawberry and stuffed it in his mouth. She also brought her light body to escape from his arms and started cooking some noodles. "Mr. Lu, please behave yourself. You are in my territory, so you have to listen to me!"
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