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Chapter 1617 The Crash Was Not an Accident

  • “Young Miss!” Mrs. Zhao held Ye Yuan’s frozen hand tightly. “When you were taken away by Gu Xian who was a pervert, I was so worried. I knew what kind of dirty man he was. Did Madam Gu always scold you for being a vixen? I will tell you the truth of that year now!”
  • “Your mother and Gu Xian were neighbours when they were young. Your mother was born in a family of scholars, and she was outstanding and modest. Gu Xian had a crush on your mother in the early days. He even joked in school that your mother would be his future wife. As the news spread, people were saying that Gu Xian was your mother’s first love. Ridiculous! Gu Xian would never match your mother!”
  • “Young Miss, nothing happened between Gu Xian and your mother. Your mother’s first love was your father. They fell in love with first sight, then they got married and gave birth to your brother and you. They were so loving even after marriage.”
  • “That time the Ye Family was very wealthy, and the Gu Family was not the richest in Haicheng City yet. The differences between the two families were obvious. Because the Gu Family and your mother were neighbors, Gu Xian was thick-skinned to ask for your father’s help. And your father did help him a lot. He bidded a land in Haicheng City for the Gu Family. When the real estate industry was exploding, the assets of the Gu Family doubled. They upgraded their status and started to monopolize the real estate industry. It was all because of your father.”
  • “Then, the Gu Family was getting richer. But in front of the wealthy Ye Family, Gu Xian always felt inferior. I remember there was once Gu Xian was invited to the Ye Family, he did not even dare to look straight to your mother. Men are always like this. The more they cannot get it, the more they yearn for it. Gu Xian had always desired your mother who had been the wealthy Mrs. Ye.”
  • “On the day of the car crashed, Madam Gu kept saying that she had caught Gu Xian on the bed with your mother. Young Miss, let me tell you, it was because your mother was drugged. And the person who drugged her was Gu Xian.”
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