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Chapter 790 A Pill to Protect Her Heart

  • Seeing this, Ye Zi’s eyes softened. How she wished that the three of them could live happily together. Now that that old woman was out of the picture, she was a step closer to her goals.
  • Ye Zi stepped forward, and this strong career woman instantly became gentle and soft. She looked at Li Zhanming with adoration. “Zhanming, you’re back. Why didn’t you ask me or Yuntong to greet you at the airport?”
  • Li Zhanming released Li Yuntong and glanced at Ye Zi indifferently. “There wasn’t any need for that.”
  • He was still as distant and indifferent as ever. He was still the same as many years ago. Ye Zi’s face paled, and she stood there stiffly.
  • Li Zhanming then moved to enter the ICU to see Madam Li. Ye Zi started to move again, intending to follow him, but Li Zhanming’s personal butler, Zhao Xin, stopped her. “I apologize, Mrs. Li, but you cannot enter.”
  • “Why can’t I go in?” Ye Zi was a little frantic. “I was about to go in to report Madam Li’s condition to Zhanming.”
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