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Chapter 449 Nostalgia

  • This luxury limousine just stopped by the roadside quietly. Since the windows were all closed, it was quite impossible for the others to see the person inside the car. What was more, the windows were all tinted by a premium black shade. However, there were a pair of deep eyes gazing through the window from the inside. The calm and menacing gaze could make people fluster and insecure.
  • The pedestrians were all attracted by this high-class luxury limousine.
  • Lu Yuzhen looked at the limousine. He knew who was in it and was aware of his arrival. The car must have been following him all the way here for a long time. He then squeezed his almond-shaped eyes and saw the man in the car through the premium window tint. It turned out that the man was looking at him too, and their eyes met with each other.
  • A moment later, Lu Yuzhen averted his vision indifferently. He continued to follow Xia Micheng and left.
  • Inside the limousine, the private driver looked at the person at the back seat through the rearview mirror. He then asked respectfully, “Sir, are we going to follow Young Master?”
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