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Chapter 628 Lu Yuzhen Broke His Right Arm

  • Wang Cong interrupted and said, “Micheng, don’t bother with the stupid rumors out there. They just want to ruin your reputation because they’re jealous. We know that you’re innocent, so you don’t have to be sad because of what others say.”
  • Xia Micheng knew that she was miserably defeated this time. She had missed the interview to get into the Academy of Sciences this year. Since she was on bad terms with Old Master Ye, he had given the instruction that she was not allowed to step into the Academy of Sciences. Hence, it was almost impossible for her to get into the Academy in the future.
  • Regarding the rumors, it was within her expectations. Being abducted by several men all of a sudden, no one knew what had happened to her in the van although she was rescued after that. With the attention she had been attracting these days, there would definitely be some people with malicious intentions who would spread such rumors, saying that she had been raped by the men, and they probably even exaggerated the story. People liked gossip, especially when it was related to sex. She could imagine that the story had been spread everywhere.
  • Xia Micheng never thought that she would be the protagonist of sex rumors.
  • However, she was more than grateful. Although she was intelligent, independent and brave, she was still a girl in her twenties who loved her body and prioritized her reputation. She valued her integrity very much, and it would be devastating for her, or any girl for that matter, if she had been ruined in the van by those men. The wound in her heart would never heal even if she was able to recover from the traumatic experience.
  • Thank God Daddy Xia got there in time. If he was late for even a few seconds, who knows what would happen.
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