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Chapter 1057 I Want Her

  • Lu Yuzhen! Song Feifei came from a poor family. Since she was a child, she had always dreamt of attending a prestigious university and moving to Beijing, so that she could get married to someone from a rich family. She was deeply attracted to Lu Yuzhen since the first time she saw his face appear in a limited-edition business magazine. She later heard that Lu Yuzhen’s son was attending one of the elite kindergartens and therefore applied for a job there in order to get close to Lu Chikai.
  • Furthermore, she even managed to pick Lu Yuzhen’s call up today. His charismatic, deep voice still lingered in her ears. She would have never imagined herself to be struck by such good fortune, to be able to bump into Lu Yuzhen here and to be hugging onto his thigh.
  • Song Feifei was about to turn into a crazy fangirl as she stared at Lu Yuzhen’s handsome and mature facial features. Lu Yuzhen’s tall and well-built figure stood upright, towering above Song Feifei who had her arms around his leg. He squinted his eyes and gave her a stare before quietly saying, “Let go!”
  • Song Feifei knew that she couldn’t miss this opportunity. She put on a pitiful, damsel-in-distress look as she pleaded, “Please save me, mister. I’m an innocent lady and I don’t want to be sold on stage. I’m begging you to help me.”
  • Song Feifei’s youthful and pretty face did not elicit any emotions within Lu Yuzhen as he laid his gaze upon her. He stuck a hand into his pocket and stared at her coldly. “You’re looking for the wrong person. I’m not some philanthropist, so why would I save you?” With that, he pulled his leg away and walked off.
  • “Mister, I’ll follow you!” Song Feifei called out toward the man who had turned his back against her.
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