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Chapter 1708 Most Important Mission

  • Deng Xiang’s eyes brightened as he stared at Lin Hurou with amusement. This wicked woman was always all about an eye for an eye. Why did she suddenly become so forgiving today?
  • He never knew that being the richest man’s wife could change an entire person.
  • Suddenly, Lin Hurou’s eyelashes fluttered as she turned to Deng Xiang. “But, President Deng, it’s time for you to return me the money that you owe me.”
  • Deng Xiang was speechless.
  • It was over. The money-grubber was back!
  • Lin Hurou was still the same old Lin Hurou. She still had the same habits. It was okay to insult her as long as she got her money.
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