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Chapter 1492 Madam Li and Madam Lu’s Plot

  • Madam Lu started worrying about her best friend, Madam Li, after she moved on from the grief. The two of them sat on the swing on a sunny afternoon as they each held a cup of milk tea in their hands. Madam Lu squinted her eyes as she asked, “Li, is your son, Zhanming, dating anyone?”
  • Madam Li was enjoying her milk tea, and she found it delicious. When Madam Lu mentioned that, she glared at her. “Cuifen, I was in such a good mood. Why did you have to mention that rascal? He’s such a disappointment!”
  • She kept getting asked by her friends because her son was still single, and after some time, she had given up on her son.
  • “Li, since Zhengzhe and Yingluo passed, I keep feeling that life is short. Time flies, so we have to do something meaningful in this limited time.” Madam Lu sighed.
  • “Like what?” Madam Li leaned over.
  • “Let’s sneak a woman into his bed tonight to mix things up!” Madam Lu suggested secretively.
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