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Chapter 1446 Get in the Car

  • Liu Yingluo stood on the curb as she tried to flag a cab. However, it was difficult to get a taxi around this area—in fact, a few of them sped past her. At that moment, a black, luxurious car slowed down in front of her. The car window was lowered gradually as it revealed a pretty face—Li Yu.
  • Li Yu smiled while looking at Liu Yingluo. “Mrs. Lu, hop in. We can drive you.”
  • Liu Yingluo looked up over Li Yu’s head and saw the man at the driver’s seat. Lu Zhengzhe was at the wheel and he had his large hands on the steering wheel. The sleeves of his grey shirt were rolled up, revealing his strong and sturdy arms with a luxurious steel watch while radiating the charms of a mature man. He must have sensed her gaze because he turned sideways to glance at her calmly as well.
  • Liu Yingluo left the café to avoid these two, never expecting herself to bump into them here. I just can’t seem to catch a break. I’m not even sure how mentally strong Li Yu is to be able to address me as Mrs. Lu while looking unfazed. She even invited me to hop in their car. In all honesty, I don't want to. “No need. I will flag a cab. You guys should go ahead.” She rejected the offer.
  • Lu Zhengzhe regarded the woman outside the window. Liu Yingluo looks just like how she was all those years ago. She is holding a book in her arms, appearing cold and distant. Her dress is billowing with the night breeze. She is standing under the dim and yellow street lamp while reaching out to tuck several strands of stray hair behind her ear. It is true that there are beautiful women from the northern region who stand tall and proud from convention. It’s obvious that she is reluctant to get into my car. She even took several steps sideways to avoid us.
  • “Zhengzhe, Mrs. Lu seems reluctant to hop in,” Li Yu commented.
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