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Chapter 348 Make Ox Pizzle Soup for Mr Lu

  • Back in the lounge, Xia Micheng stood in the kitchen as she peeled some shrimps.
  • This luxurious lounge came with a dining room and kitchen. However, Lu Yuzhen had never cooked here, only sleeping or resting in the lounge at most. He had a personal chef in the company, so he never had to cook for himself. Naturally, he did not know how to cook as well, and rarely stepped into the kitchen.
  • Lu Yuzhen put his arms around her slender waist from behind, while rubbing his handsome face against her long, fragrant hair. “What are you doing?”
  • “I’m peeling shrimps. I happened to pass by the supermarket when I came back today, and I bought some vegetables. After I’m done with the shrimps, I will make you scrambled eggs with shrimp with some rice.”
  • Hearing this, Lu Yuzhen felt quite famished, for the meal he had in Orchid Garden was tasteless. He rubbed his thin lips against her soft and clean face, and his heart was like a floating boat, feeling light and mellow. It turned out that she went to the supermarket just to buy some groceries and cook for him.
  • “Mrs. Lu, do you know how to cook?”
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