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Chapter 414 To Beijing

  • Grandpa Xia nodded with a look of blind admiration. “At least that’s what I thought. Aside from the Grim Reaper, nobody could take the life of a woman as great as Missus. However, I’m not very clear about the details. What happened to Missus was too sudden and not long after I was being pushed down the stairs by Li Qianhui and her daughter. Even you have grown up now! I don’t think there’s any clue left.”
  • Even if they lost the clue, Xia Micheng was pumped right now at the possibility of her mom being alive.
  • “Grandpa, I want to search for mom.”
  • Grandpa Xia rubbed her tiny head and said, “You should go to Beijing then. You might find some traces of your mom in that city.”
  • Beijing? Xia Micheng nodded hard. “Okay, Grandpa. I will bring you to Beijing when you’re feeling better.”
  • Grandpa Xia shook his head lovingly, his dull eyes gleaming with the understanding of his limited days on earth. “Micheng, where is Xia Chunyang? Is he here already?”
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